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Disk allowance is how much space you are given to use on your Pair Networks account. For a more detailed explanation, go to the Disk Space and Bandwidth Usage article.

Quick View of Disk Space

  1. Log into the Account Control Center (ACC)
  2. Below Resource Usage, you will see Disk Space
Disk Space shows you how much disk space you have used and how much is still available.


Some account types might show disk allowances for multiple drives or partitions.

Detailed View of Disk Space

  1. Log into the Account Control Center (ACC)
  2. Click Site Statistics in the left sidebar menu
  3. Click View Disk Usage Statistics in the drop-down

What Happens When I Go Over?

For legacy hosting accounts, there are charges that occur when you use more than your allotted disk space. 

At the end of each calendar month, the average use for that month is calculated for disk space. The day of highest usage for both disk space and transfer is omitted from the calculation. The over-usage charges, if any, are based on the results.


For example, if you have a Basic Account allows 5GB of disk space and 50GB/month transfer, but your account used a daily average of 6GB disk space and 52GB/month transfer, your over-usage charges for that month would be:

1GB (1,000MB) of space (6 - 5) * $0.10/MB = $100.00
2GB of transfer (52 - 50) * $1.99/GB = $3.98

The total over-usage charge, in this case, would be $103.98.

If you find yourself consistently exceeding the allotted space, you should consider upgrading to the next package for more space. Upgrading is easy. Check out how here.

Updated on February 28, 2020

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