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Adding an SPF Record to a Domain

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SPF, or "Sender Policy Framework," is a DNS record that can help fend off spammers who would use your address as a cover to send spam. Spammers sometimes try to fake the sent from and reply addresses on emails to make it look like it comes from a reputable address. You can discourage this by adding an SPF record. For more information about what an SPF record is or the syntax used to create one, check out our What is an SPF Record? article. 

Adding an SPF Record to a Domain  

  1.  Log in to the Account Control Center (ACC)
  2.  Click Domains
  3. Click Manage Your Domain Names manage your domain location image
  4.  Click the domain name that you want to put an SPF record on
  5.  Click Manage Custom DNS Recordsmanage Custom DNS Button image
  6.  Click Add DNS RecordsAdd DNS button image
  7.  Next to Type Of Record, click the drop-down and select TXT
  8. Click Proceed
  9.  Next to Hostname, you may either enter a specific hostname or leave the field empty to create the SPF for the entire domain

    The hostname will be a subdomain of the main domain, such as ns1.example.com.

  10. Next to Text Record, enter the SPF record. See an example of what this might look like below
  11. Click Create Record
SPF syntax breakdown image
SPF Syntax Breakdown. See What is an SPF Record? for more details.


Updated on April 24, 2019

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