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Blocking Junk Mail with SPF

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SPF, or “Sender Policy Framework,” reduces the amount of junk mail you receive by preventing delivery of messages from forged sender addresses to your mailbox. For more information about how SPF works, check out our What is an SPF Record? article. For this to work, you need to turn on the SPF feature in your Junk E-Mail Filtering Settings. See the steps below for instructions.  

This is an account-wide feature, meaning that it will affect all mailboxes on your account.

Blocking Junk Mail with SPF

  1. Log in to the Account Control Center (ACC)
  2. Click E-Mail in the left sidebar and click Manage Junk E-Mail Filter Settings in the drop-downJunk Filtering Location image
  3. Under Sender Policy Framework (SPF), check the box next to  Block messages that hard-fail SPF checks  SPF checkbox

When SPF checking is turned on, it will check incoming mail. There are three results for SPF checked mail:

  • Success: Successful mail does not break any SPF rules and will continue on through the normal junk filtering checks before being delivered to your mailbox.
  • Hard Fail: Mail that hard fails breaks one or more SPF rules and is blocked. It will not enter the server.
  • Soft Fail: Mail that soft fails breaks one or more SPF rules, but is allowed to enter the server as Junk. It will be treated according to the Junk delivery rules for the account.

You can turn the SPF feature off by returning to the Manage Junk E-Mail Filter Settings and unchecking the box next to Block messages that hard-fail SPF checks.

Updated on April 24, 2019

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