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Email Recipes: Email Forwarding, Autoresponders, and Advanced Configurations

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All accounts at Pair Networks have the ability to use email recipes, which are rules that specify how email messages should be delivered. Email recipes can be set up through the Account Control Center.

Creating an Email Recipe  

  1. Log in to Account Control Center
  2. Click E-Mail
  3. Click Create New Recipe
  4. Choose the email address you want the recipe to apply to
  5. Choose the type of recipe you would like to create, and click Proceed
  6. Fill out the required fields for the recipe, and click Create

New recipes will take up to 15 minutes to take effect.

Email Recipe Types

The recipe types available to you are described below:

Autoresponder: This recipe sends back a message when mail comes into a specific address in your domain name.

Forward: This recipe automatically forwards incoming mail
to the destination address specified.

Configuration Setting:

  • Forward To - specifies the destination you wish to have email sent to.
  • Junk E-Mail Filtering - enables filtering for the recipe.

Block: This recipe automatically blocks incoming mail to the specified address. Once you click Proceed on the Create E-Mail Recipe page, the Block recipe is automatically added.

Mailbox: This recipe automatically delivers an email message to a specified mailbox on your account. Junk filter settings for the target mailbox will be applied to this recipe.

Deleting an Email Recipe

  1. Log in to Account Control Center
  2. Click E-Mail
  3. Click E-Mail Settings
  4. Click the link, underneath the heading Delivery Instructions, that corresponds with the domain name containing your recipe
  5. Select the Delete checkbox to the right of the recipe you wish to remove
  6. Click Delete Selected

Important Recipe Information

You can create multiple recipes for the same email address. For example, to forward email messages to two separate mailboxes, you must create two separate Forward recipes. You can also combine different types of recipes (e.g. a Forward and Autoresponder recipe). However, please note that the Block recipe cannot be used with any other type of recipe.

If your only intention is to forward email messages and not keep a copy of the messages on your Pair Networks server, then you only need to create a Forward recipe. You do not have to create a mailbox with the same email address as the Forward recipe.

Updated on March 3, 2020

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