How Do I Add FTP Logins?

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What is an FTP Login?

FTP is a way to transfer files and is especially convenient for large groups of files. For more information on what FTP is, check out our How to Upload Files article.

An FTP (File Transfer Protocol)  login allows you to create other users that can upload files to your server. They can be limited to a directory and will not have access to your ACC.

You can also use FTPS with the additional FTP logins for increased security.

Additional FTP Login Availability

To see how many FTP logins are available to your account, you can visit the Hosting Plan Details of the Pair Networks Account Control Center (ACC):

  1. Log in to the Account Control Center
  2. At the top of the screen, click on the drop-down menu with your username on it
  3. Select Your Hosting Package Details

The number of FTP logins your hosting package provides can be found under the heading Account Limits.

How Do I Add an Additional FTP Login?  

  1. Log into the Account Control Center (ACC)
  2. Click Advanced
  3. Click Manage Additional FTP Logins
  4. Click the Add Additional Login button
  5. Fill out the Add FTP User form:
    • Username: Enter the username here. All additional FTP usernames must begin with your ACC username and an underscore. You do not need to input this in the box. It is automatically added.
    • Full Name: Enter the name that will be associated with this login.
    • Password: Create a password for this login. This FTP user will use this password to log in.
    • Confirm Password: Confirm the previously entered password.
    • Directory: This limits where the user can use FTP. Input the path name to the directory you want them to have access to. If you want to give them access to more than one directory, you can enter multiple file paths and separate them with commas.
  6. Click Add User

If successful, you will be transported to the Additional FTP Logins page and a green banner will appear at the top.

Once the FTP Login is Setup

Once this additional FTP login has been set up, you can use an FTP program to connect to your server. For more information about FTP programs and logging in, check out our How to Upload Files article.

Important FTP Login Information

FTP logins have the same permissions as the account owner. This means that the person logged in can delete and create files, subdirectories, etc.

If you are the account owner, we hold you responsible for the actions of anyone using your FTP logins. If they do something to break our policies, we will take the same action as if you had been logged into the account yourself.

The FTP login feature may not be used to resell access to your account to third parties.

If you require more FTP logins than what your account type includes, please consider upgrading your hosting plan to a plan with more FTP logins. At this time, we do not sell additional FTP logins on their own.

Updated on February 28, 2020

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