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How to Hide and Show Your Directory Index

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You may have visited one of your webpage’s URLs and found a list of files.

Index example image

This is a directory index. It displays a list of the files in your directory when you visit the directory’s URL. This will only occur, however, if you haven’t established a homepage. Showing the directory index is the default behavior, but you can easily turn it off by going to your directory’s web settings.

Hiding or Showing Your Directory Index

First, you must determine what directories you want to hide. Keep in mind that directories are hierarchical. If you hide the directory index in a top-level directory, it will affect the subdirectories, as well. If you wish to hide the top-level directory, but don’t wish the subdirectories to be hidden, you can go through and change the subdirectories with the same method as changing the top level directories.

Directory hierarchy example photo

To hide/show your directory:

  1. Log in to the Account Control Center (ACC)
  2. Click Files in the left sidebar
  3. Click Web from the drop-down
    • Files location image
  4. From here, navigate to the directory you want to show/hide. Directories are shown with blue folders. Click on a directory’s name to enter it.
    • Blue folder example image
  5. Once you’ve entered your chosen directory, click Web Settings in the top nav bar
    • Web Settings button position on nav bar image
  6. Click Directory Listings
  7. To show your directory index, click List Files. To hide your directory index, click Do Not List Files
  8. Click Update

Your directory will be updated to the preference you selected.

Updated on April 24, 2019

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