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What Types of Domain Hosting are Available?

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Domain hosting types are not the same as your hosting account type. Domain hosting types refer to the type of IP address associated with your domain, not the type of account you are using to host your domains.

Dedicated IP Domain

A domain with a dedicated IP address is the only one with that IP address. Since it has its own IP address, you have access anytime you need it. You can even get to the site by typing in the IP address instead of the URL.

A dedicated IP address can handle more traffic because it has more resources devoted to it. It can also potentially boost your SEO. One of Google’s ranking factors is page load speed, so if your site is slowed down by traffic, switching to a dedicated IP address may boost your site ranking.dedicated IP address illustration

Shared IP Domain

Shared IP hosting shares the IP address of your already-established dedicated IP domain with another domain. When you don’t need to take full advantage of a dedicated IP, a shared IP can be useful.

A shared IP can also be beneficial if you want to establish a new site or email address that relies on the established good reputation of an existing IP under your control.Shared IP address illustration

Parked IP Domain

Domains can be “parked” on another Dedicated or Shared IP hosting domain name.

Parked domains will automatically redirect traffic to the domain name they are parked on.

For example, if you park the domain name example1.net on the domain example2.com, users visiting example1.net/about.html will see the page for example2.com/about.html.

This is a great option for websites that are in the middle of construction. Until they are ready for viewing, the parked domain will direct traffic to the other domain name. Once the parked domain is finished, it can be switched to another domain type and visitors will be able to see it.Parked IP address illustration

Weebly Site Builder IP Domain

A Weebly Site Builder IP Hosting gives the user the ability to use Weebly Site Builder softwareThe Weebly Site Builder software is only available for Weebly Site Builder IP Hosting.

Weebly domains may not have other domains parked on them and they may not share their IP with other domains.

The price of a Weebly Site Builder domain hosting depends on the plan you choose.

Visit our Weebly Site Builder page to see pricing and what each plan provides.

How to Find Your Current Domain's Hosting Type

  1. Log into the Account Control Center (ACC)
  2. Click Domains in the sidebar, then click Manage Your Domain Names

You will see your domains listed under Domain Name and their corresponding IP domain type under Domain Hosting Type.

How to Change Your Domain's Hosting Type  

Once you have navigated to your domain and checked its hosting type, you can change the hosting type by following the steps below.

Note: Changing Domain IP can affect your domain’s email and website access.

  1. See steps in the How to Find Your Current Hosting Type section to navigate to the domain management area
  2. Click the name of the domain whose hosting type you would like to change
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click, Change Domain Name Hosting
  4. Select your preferred IP Domain
  5. Click Change Hosting

Updated on October 4, 2019

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